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Lesbian DVDs Tick Tock

Tick Tock.
Lesbian DVD


Title : Tick Tock.

Price : £29.95

Categories : Lesbian DVD

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Title Information

Lesbian DVD 100% Lesbian-Made XXX Hardcore Girl-On-Girl Porn Real Lesbians Enjoying Real Sex Tick Tock ... is a sexy lesbian comic tale of seven women who live within one clock tower in London. Crystal and Angel are flatmates.

Crystal has a devious plan to get Angel a shag with the new girl downstairs, Rocky Bang Bang, who fancies herself as a bit of Romeo. Meanwhile, Crystal's girlfriend Diamond is onto this devious plan, and comes up with a sexy strp-on surprise for her interfering other half.

El Capitino and Chasity are best mates who live upstairs. While busy trying to catch the eyes of Crystal and Angel, El Capitino is oblivious to Chastity's desire for her - and unbeknownst to all these frisky babes, Big Bad Finn G'Her, the perviest lesbian security guard in the world, is watching all the action unfold on CCTV.

Some protection! Can she get away with it? Will Diamond really teach her meddling girlfriend a lesson? And will Angel finally get a shag?

Starring : Ella, Jo, dixie, Mia, Katie, Vivian, Jamie, Virginie, Zita, Monika

Category : LESBIAN DVDs

Studio :

Directed By :

Rating : ADULT DVD XXX (Adult)

Running Time :

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